Linux Installation Parties

מסיבת התקנה - מאחר הצהריים ועד אחרונת המחיצות
במקום שהוא כולו קוד פתוח (תא"מי, שהיא מאמי)

We will help anyone install Linux on his desktop or laptop.

Help includes

Alon - Fedora / Ubuntu / Debian
Benny Daon,
Guy Scheffer
Yuval Adam - Arch

We will have Knoppix too

Also on:

google calendar

I believe that you, @alon have permission s to publish this event on our meetup group.

Can you do it? it will take me longer to get to it.

  1. Do we have a list of stuff we need to set up for this?
  2. Any idea how many might come? (I done ones with 50 and with 10, and its different).
  3. Did we decide what we are installing if a user comes and says “I want linux, I don’t care which one”.

I highly recomend Ubuntu 18.x LTS the newest one. The mistakes they made in previous version UIs were corrected and it has install access to most wifi drivers. Simple fast and complete install in one operation. I have a flash drive with this distro in TAMI ready for mass use.

The point of installing Linux is to have a useful opperating system for other usefull tasks, not waste time with damands for itself.

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Not yet, I’ll think about it.
No. But right now zero people wanting linux, 5 people knowing linux.
Whatever the helper decides. I suggest we each install what we are most comfortable with to support, and base it on the user’s knowledge level.

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Great, so you can install that. I personally prefer Fedora, but I can help anyone who wants Ubuntu install that too.

I suggest creating an event ASAP on Facebook and see if there is any call for it at all. Worst case you can cancel later of if there is no call for it - however its already quite late to post about it.

In Jerusalem Linux Club we posted a month in advance and had also the university advertise.

@guysoft can you do that? I don’t have facebook.

It is in facebook, not sure who added it, the link is above. I hope we have enough people coming. I personally intend to come anyway, at worst I will clean up :slight_smile:

i will start pushing this early next week.
this parties usually have more experienced then non experienced coming
its ok. everything is ok as long as stuff happens

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This has the wrong date - It should be on the 31st.


Can everyone who is coming:

  1. RSVP here
  2. Reply with which DoK they are bringing.
    Please bring a disk on key with your favorite distro, and even better bring a few more.
  3. Say if they have a working PXE configuration or can setup one at TAMI tomorrow (i.e. TFTP + BOOTP + PXE) ? Just in case.
  4. Specify how many installation needing users they know are coming, or if they are a new user themselves say so.

See everyone tomorrow,


We had the party as planned.
We had about 10-15 people overall. Most were there to help or, well, party.
People who wanted help:

  1. One person with windows wanting help installing Linux in Virtualbox
  2. One person with windows 7 wanting to dual boot. We successfully installed Ubuntu via universal linux installer after learning that Ubuntu will not install correctly if booted through UEFI but requiring custom partitioning (i.e. not devoting full disk to ubnutu). Fedora faired well, however user wanted Ubuntu.
  3. One person came with an eeepc with linux and wanted some help, maybe @Uri can clarify.
  4. One person came looking for a place to work, and also wanted some linux, but @daonb was more interested in partying.

Overall I had a great time, thanks for everyone coming! If it turns out to be the siren song, I’m glad to say I had a linux install party, even if 20 years late :slight_smile:


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