JOB - embedded developer (junior + senior)

My company (TechPack Lab - Technological design services in hardware and embedded) is looking for an embedded developer.

A good developer, with good level at C and maker experience in Arduino and hardware, who is interested in transitioning to embedded is also welcome to contact.

There is also an opening for a senior developer with management capabilities for a very interesting and satisfying position. It’s also possible to grow to such a position.

Our work has makers’ aspects, but on the other hand we bring products to the highest quality professional levels with the most advanced technologies in the industry.

We help dozens of companies in Israel (and some abroad) to develop their hardware products. The industries we support are very wide - Medical, Consumer, Industrial, IoT, Smart-Home, Wearables, etc.

For details please contact me at

Notice that if you see this message long after, it could still be relevant, as at least in the last few years we have been slowly but steadily growing.

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