Introducing TAMI.GL

Sharing a small web project I’ve been working on - TAMI.GL, aka the TAMI gl experience. Basically it’s a way to visit or show people around TAMI when physically away, perhaps other things in the future. If you happened to see someone walking around with a Kinect sensor lately now you know why…

There are all sorts of next steps possible from here, doing another scan+model-prep round and getting the code out are currently leading the todo list.

Check it out here:

Have fun


LOVE IT ! nice work!

Nice! I look forward to the code going up… If you can share some hints about how you made your point cloud, then I might try to make a model of TOG (Dublin, Ireland’s hackerspace) too.



This is awesome, I’ve never seen the place so clean

up, but availability might be a bit shaky until some servers switch places…

@jr might be worth adding a slider for that ;]


git clone tamigl
cd tamigl
npx server