Introduce yourself

Reply and say a few words about yourself, let us know who you are and what you have come here for, what you like to do and what you want help with, what you are offering to help with, teach or do.

Please do not use this topic for discussions, it should remain one reply per person, thank you.


My name is Alon, I’ve helped found TAMI because I loved noisebridge and tokyo hackerspace, the ease of coming in and looking around, the wealth of interesting things to look at and learn, the friendliness of the inhabitents. I learned haskell at noisebridge and played with chibi RF boards in tokyo hackerspace, helping to get the chibios running on linux.

I love open source, the idea that we should have access to all this code because it costs no one anything (even if when you try to make money from it it doesn’t add up - still working to justify that one to myself… ) ; I love to learn new things and I love hackerspaces. I’m a programmer by day and actually by night too. I am currently working at consumer physics.


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I’m Jeremy, I am fallen physicist . I don’t have time for any projects but if I did I would be doing some analog electronics/engineering stuff like flywheels, supercritical CO2 stirling engines , and the like. I work at ‘trendiguru’ and like hackerspaces , bunnies, chocolate, pink blankies, space-basketball, space-ice-cream, and space.

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Cool ! Hello !
– Wylie

Hi Wilie,

There was a problem with the pop3 polling. Seems that google now deems discourse a “less secure” app and will only let it access the mail box after I clicked “allow less-secure apps” in the control panel.

We are using google as the email provider - I can install our own SMTP/POP3 server too, but that was a shortcut I took.


Frank here- you probably know me if you were a TAMI regular between 2015 and 2018.
Now I’m a mostly digital participant waiting for my kids to get old enough to enjoy makerspaces, then I’ll be able to attend with the wife’s blessing / push…

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Welcome back Frank :smiley: we missed you !

Hi everyone! My name is Mynah, I’m new to the community, I visited TAMI a few times in the past weeks and had the chance to meet some of you. First I want to say thank you to everyone I met who made me feel so welcome and at home, you are all so amazing!

So who am I… Well, I’m a musician who discovered a passion for technology about 4 years ago, since then I studied programming and web development. After having a bit of a taste of the high tech industry, I decided to go back to being an artist and found ways to mix both my passions together. Some of you know me through live coding workshops I started to give in Tel Aviv.

I’d love to contribute to the community as much as I can. I have many projects I’m currently working on that I think could be a great fit for TAMI (will write a separate thread for explaining more about my work and pitching ideas that I’d like to do).

I live in Haifa at the moment so it’s hard for me to just come in randomly to visit but I come to Tel Aviv in general at least 1-2 times a week and very much looking forward to spend more time in TAMI :slight_smile:

Besides that, few facts about me:

  • I’m not Israeli and my hebrew is really bad (working on it…) but I’ve been living here for about 2 consecutive years now and if the visa Gods are good to me, hopefully I’ll be sticking around for many years to come.

  • The “where do you come from” question is somewhat complicated for me to answer: short answer is I come from Canada and Portugal. Will spear you the long answer :joy:

  • I’m a hopeless coffee and sugar addict :laughing:

That’s it for now, looking forward to connect and contribute!

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