Intro to TAMI 30.05 - final preps + call for workshops & for help

Dear all,
This Thursday 30.05 there’s an Intro To TAMI event.
This event is significant in raising people’s awareness to TAMI
(e.g. yesterday someone new came in after attending Intro to TAMI on the 11th of April).

  1. At the entrance visitors will receive a card with a list of stations in TAMI to visit during the event.
    On this card we will also write workshops that they can register to.
    If there is / are workshop/s that you’d like to run at TAMI in the near future (June-July), this is a great opportunity to interest visitors - so please write them down below or send them to Shay and we’ll add them to the list.
  2. See below the stations, additional help appreciated per station if you know it well.
  3. General help in the main hall to explain about TAMI will also be most welcome! You’ll get a sticker to write your name on it :slight_smile:
  4. Even if you cannot come on Thursday, please come on Wednesday 29.05 to help us tidy TAMI and for some support, a beer and a hug
תחנה Station
1. חדר עבודה במתכת - מחרטה וכרסומת - דוד Mill & Lathe metalworks room - David
2. חדר עבודה בעץ - מקס וג’רמי ברוטציה Woodworks room - Max / JR
3. עמדת אלקטרוניקה - הלחמות וPCB -אסף Electronics - Soldering and PCB - Asaf
4. עמדת אלקטרוניקה - ארדואינו ובקרה - רונן Electronics - Arduino - Ronen
5. עמדת מכונות תפירה - אריה Sewing - Arie
6. מעבדה ביולוגית / ביוהאב - ישי .+ אולי עוד BioHub - Biological Laboratory - Eshay + maybe more
7. עמדת ריתוך וצורפות - אביתר Welding & Jewelry - Eviatar / Max
8. עמדת מדפסות תלת מימד - מוטי 3D printers - Moty