I'm new here and starting small steps

Hello everyone,

I’ve heard about you for a long time, I never really knew what TAMI is until i had a conversation with Kfir and I realized I had to visit and see.

And today more than ever, I realize that this is a community and lifestyle that is hard to explain until experienced.

So I jumped in for a visit, and saw that it is a place with unlimited possibilities for creativity, communication and fruitful discourse. And it’s all thanks to you the people who founded, the people who work for and around the community, and especially human people with a strong passion.
So it’s pretty hard not to fall in love with you guys, and yes, I fell in love!
I would love to come more, to know you more, to do and to contribute.
Not sure the things I’m quite expert at can contribute a lot, but I’d love to try.
My background is marketing, and i do marketing in a digital world. Business and Radio :slight_smile:

Thank you Kfir and thank you TAMI
Shimon Baron

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Welcome aboard :slight_smile:

@SoundSurgeon lets do a TAMI podcast!

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:wave: :wave: welcome to Tami

wow, lets do it

@Catalyst1 Welcome to TAMI! I’m also a new addition to the community but started to be more involved in the past weeks and, same as you, i think tami is an amazing space and community with unlimited possibilities! With your kind of background there’s definitely alot you could do to get involved :slight_smile:

Would love to meet you and have a chat, i live in haifa but im at tami for sure every wednesday evening. Come by and say hello if you have a chance!