If you break other people's stuff, please fix it

Whoever trashed Alon’s washing machine, please magically un-trash it, or make it magically disappear and a new one appear in its place


i think the selector knob was broken during cleanups last week, but yonatan was going to glue it up

if its still broken i can try and print a new one

could you post a pic of the machine?

What about it isn’t working?

The knob indeed broke off and I glued it back and then did two washes with it (though forgot to transfer to the drier or to report that the knob broke and fixed).

I did have trouble with the lid as it didn’t initially close shut but eventually managed.

I’m happy to fix anything that I broke, or otherwise contribute to fixing what ever is necessary so that it is back in working order.

Update: another wash successfully completed.
@doreen can you please explain what problem you encountered?

i can’t see exactly where the damage is, but the knob is broken and doesn’t work