Ideas: custom build and sell gadgets for donations to TAMI; also pedagogy

Peace, hackers,

How about we (study/teach to) build custom appliances and sell them to earn TAMI money?

Ideas for projects:

  1. Security cameras: choosing parts, installing (and maybe building) hardware, and setting up software, for a turn-key solution, especially if needs customization, is beyond most clients. I imagine there’s a (local) market for this, and a big profit margin, that can fill TAMI’s piggy bank?

  2. Gadgets, like a volume knob with USB, or various electricity switches, controllers, sensors for the home, IoT… ATtami or RPi Zero based…

  3. Combine such an operation/project with studying (internals, we’re not merely buying off the shelf, but customizing) — and maybe mentoring newbies. Skills and domains are diverse, this should be interesting.

Also, by the way, anyone has experience with buying electronics online, especially from China, especially in bulk (small quantities)? How difficult/risky?

My inspiration is a young teenager friend who I’ve been trying to introduce to programming, stuff like that, but tutorials are typically boring and stupid. An (overly?) ambitious project like this should be motivating.

I’d love to contribute my time and expertise. I’m a programmer (40+ years) and entrepreneur, including low-level, systems… everything required. Teaching experience, too. But, electronics, 3D printing… experts in these would make this “startup” more practical.

+1/-1? Recommendations? Ideas? Feedback?

Anyone want to join forces?

What you describe, at small scale at least, sounds basicall like a workshop, ie. name a thing, put together a BOM, charge at parts +small overhead, meet to make it (larger ‘things’ possibly taking more than one meeting to build).

As for a scaled up version, as in building lots of things and selling them, not so sure, primariliy due to lack of “free labor”…

Suggest you start with a small workshop and move on from there.

Happy hacking


many thanks for all this brilliant ideas and suggestions.

as a video artist connected to performing arts, i am obsessed with new scenography and first of all, to pair resolume 6 MacOS 10.14.6 with external sensors that could give me the ability to develop gesture that could trigger content.

does it sounds doable to you?
have you been in these?

to read from you
take care