Hiring for a Robotic Kitchen Project

To all who are interested,
My name is Assaf. I opened 4 restaurants in San Francisco and am now launching a robotic kitchen project, with the R&D phase to take place here in Tel Aviv.

Currently, the project exists as a developed CAD, with robotic and cooking hardware purchased. In addition to my 14 years of culinary experience, the project also has an experienced robotic advisor on board, a PhD from Berkeley, my home university.

I am hiring a maker with the following qualifications:
Full time availability.
Robotic automation experience is highly preferred.
Must have a US SSN to be on the payroll.

Integrate various components - hardware and software.
Solve key problems involving food packaging.

PM me if you are seriously interested, I would like to begin right away.

Whatsapp: 058-793-1319
Email: apashut314@gmail.com