H, I'm Vika, I'm new here

My name is Vika, I have never visited a Hackerspace nor TAMI but am really interested.
Few things I would like to ask:

  • Is the physical place operational?
  • How should get to know you? Schedule a visit? Drop by?
  • Is the wiki up to date? as I see no events nor the livestream.
  • How is TAMI doing financially? I saw some post regarding this issue from last year and the forum isn’t really active.
  • What is the recommended way to get updates? the forums seem a bit deserted.

Sorry for the long questions, I don’t trust much of the info on the wiki.


Hi Vika,

Welcome to the forum!

Yes, the physical space is operational. There are sonic pi meetings, and on Monday between 6 pm and 9 pm there is someone there. Currently me until Arie returns from vacation.

The wiki I do not know about, I’ll let someone else answer.

TAMI is in good shape financially. @yair99 could update on this.

“Recommended way to get updates” - the telegram channel, Telegram: Join Group Chat, is where I lurk and many others, and there is a specific channel for when the place is open (not automated, but pretty reliant - Telegram: Contact @ISATAMI) .

Hope this helps,

after 10 hard years, tami is cash positive, 100% donation/user based, weeppeee
updated*> Where to find tami intro

*u made me