Fuck u paypal

talked to paypal… for the second time this week, and this is the third customer service rep that tells me, “look, you have sent everything… i’m not sure what is the hold up i will talk to my manager and open another case for the NPO dept.”

and continued “this is ridiculous, i can see all the correspondence, i wouldn’t blame you if you take your money and leave paypal for good after all of this”

so i’ve asked, “what i’m i suppose to do ? if paypal decides to continue block our account even though we did everything you asked of us”

to which he replied “שמע אחי… אני מצטער אבל אין יותר מידי דברים שאתה יכול לעשות”


Thanks for the update. And for the first usage of tags, search now looks like this:

ooh, paste of image works in web interface, just did a ctrl-v, sweet.

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