First post! woot woot woot

there is a 15 char rule for the title, so that’s that.

I put as the category picture the nice (well, you judge) hack me and Guy
were up to on Thursday. We have a board talking over RS422 to an FTDI
chipset (H233 or close to that) that was giving us problems,
specifically we have dropped messages over our custom protocol (up at At a very late (or rather early) hour
Guy had the idea that we might be having problems with the chipset
itself, leading him to read about flow control and to connect the DSR
(again not sure - either that or CSR?) to the oscilloscope, and lo and
behold, our outages matched. So now we are on the lookout for a better
chipset on the PC side (cannot change the board unfortunately) or just
reducing the traffic.

And welcome to the electronics category!

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