Establishing consensus on loaning equipment practices

From the tips from Bitlair hackerspace:

In addition to donating equipment, the practice of loaning equipment TO TAMI can be very beneficial.
In order to encourage and facilitate this practice we should establish a labeling procedure.

Tentative structure of note and procedure, feedback welcome:
Part 1 - a note structure

  1. A note to say the equipment is “on loan from” (a private person, or institute )
  2. Hacking allownances:
    no hacking allowed / maintenance only / hack only with prior permission / free to hack / free to dismantle
  3. Loaning allowances:
    cannot leave TAMI / can be loaned off-TAMI with prior permission / can be loaned , please inform group
  4. Contact details for private individual or institute & expected loan expiry date (if exists)

Part 2 - practice of the community:

  1. it’s the responsibility of TAMI to facilitate a ready-to-use label / pre-printed note to stick on the equipment at a fixed location (e.g. at the entry desk), and
  2. Not every individual is going to remember to use it simply because it’s there, especially not at the start so it’s the responsibility for everyone to encourage this in order to become a norm and even show where and how to fill out the form on behalf of whoever the equipment belongs to (especially of currently known private equipment ) because in the end the loan is doing TAMI a great service.

לאיזה סוג של תגובות אתה מצפה? התגובה היחידה שעולה לי היא שאני בעד.
וגם צריך להתייחס לנושא של תחזוקה של כלים שהושאלו.

Hi, thanks for your input, glad you’re in favour.
Agree we should address the issue and details of maintenance of equipment, but probably after the general idea is accepted in principle.

As for your question - I’m not expecting any specific response, but responses / comments are (probably) necessary in order to achieve a consensus .
I can’t think of another way to do it, but maybe F2F member meetings are a more suitable way to communicate about this.