Emolog - embedded memory logging library with ELF reader

@guyovadia1 and myself have a project that is finally at a stage I can say it has been tried and works - it is a debugging aid for embedded applications. Basically we chose to implement our own protocol on top of RS422 for doing synchronized memory dumps from specific addresses, and it reads the memory addresses via ELF DWARF info (the debug information you get), tested with the TI C compiler (but we would like to support gcc of course, just not tested with it). Here it is:

Written in C and Python (protocol is implemented in C and reused from Python to avoid errors in a double implementation)

It is tested on a TI based board, the Tiva-C development board works fine. Up to 8 Mbps (actually 8000000). There are many places to optimize the protocol we use, and we didn’t make any official release, but I consider it working software to some degree (I guess beta/alpha would be the term). Anyone wants to take it for a spin, please do!


users would be most welcome :slight_smile: