Electronic Music Evening With Special Guest from Turkey

Hi all!

There’s a very good live coder and electronic musician coming to Israel from Turkey at the end of March. His name is Emre, he approached me on Twitter and asked me to collaborate with him for a show or 2. I thought it would be great to do a special music night at TAMI!

I already put it in the calendar so if anyone has any objections let me know.

The date is Tuesday, March 31st at 8pm.

The reason why it’s on a Tuesday is because he asked me for booking specifically this date since he’s going to be on tour and moving around Israel in the space of 10 days.

@jonathan I mentioned to him the food hacking and he thought it could be super cool to combine both! What do you think? Should we do it food hacked dinner + live coded electro music? :smiley:

Here are some links of Emre’s music on Soundcloud:

Any ideas, comments and suggestions is, of course, very much welcome and if anyone has objections about the date or the time please let me know!

Edit: I forgot to mention, I put a suggested donation of 50₪ for the event, hope everyone feels its a fair price, if not let me know!


Yeah!! sounds (and smells) great

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@jonathan looks awesome! So its set then! Already in the calendar, will make fb event and all that soon :smiley:

All in!

Production crew recruits needed, who is interested to join?

Can you tell a bit more what is going to happen once Emre is at Tami at 8PM? What’s the plan? Jack to the drum loops with food?

Curious to see what’s happen!

@SoundSurgeon Sorry for the delay in answering this!

So here’s what I’m thinking for the evening:

6pm - 8pm: Food Prep - Cooking starts so that there’s food ready when people arrive at 8pm.
8pm - 9pm: People arrive and take some time to eat, cooking can go on so that the “main course” is ready when the show starts - Setup and soundcheck for the show
9pm - 11pm: MUSIC + FOOD!!

So basically I think the big of the cooking should happen before the show starts so that people can eat and enjoy music when we are ready to start at 9pm.

That’s my vision but again, ideas are welcome! It’s by no means a final plan :slight_smile:

Now, what we need:


  • Someone needs to be in charge for groceries or whatever else is needed food wise, maybe @jonathan ?
  • We need cooks and people willing to help out in the kitchen! I guess something like 3 people should be enough


  • I think we are pretty much set up at TAMI for the music side, I need to consult with Emre to see how exactly we will collaborate. Maybe we need a small mixing board that could be hooked up to the sound system? @SoundSurgeon maybe you can take care of checking this?

  • Also, @SoundSurgeon, can you be there at 7:30-8pm to help us set up everything? That would be really amazing. I think that I could do it myself but I’ll probably be busy making sure that Emre feels comfortable and introducing him to the place and everyone so if I can have your help for setup that would be amazing.

  • My friend Eyal who came last week to the live coding meetup is going to do visuals for our performance so we need to set up that as well, though I don’t think there’s much to do at all but I prefer mentioning it just in case.


  • We need to make some money out of this event! For this, maybe someone can help collecting money from people coming to see the show at the door?

  • I suggest to ask people for 40 sheks which includes the show + food. Is that too much???

  • I don’t expect to make any money out of this but it would be nice if we can give a little something to Emre. Even if it’s just pocket money, it shows good faith and can help giving a good welcome and a good impression of our community! Word of mouth is powerful and it would be great if he went back to Turkey having a great connection with Tami. That might help send more new and exciting people our way in the future :slight_smile:

  • After giving something to Emre and covering the expenses of the food, the rest of the money is donation for TAMI.

Last but not least, to have a successful and profitable event, WE NEED PEOPLE TO COME!!! I will make a FB event and post the link on this thread but let’s all do our best to talk about the event, invite people and make sure that we have people coming to see the show!

That’s all I can think of for now… Comments? Feedback? Ideas?

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sorry for delay, i’ve been away and preoccupied

I think this is the key, will scout for such cats.
if a suitable recipe is chosen substantial preparation could be prepared by the visitors as long as the preliminaries are ready. e.g. sushi rolling like we had last time
maybe something similar but with meze and edible alcogel

@jonathan Nice to have you back! Missing you on the Wednesdays… :slight_smile: Thanks for adding in your thoughts, sounds great! I’m away for the next 2 weeks (visiting my mom in Canada
) but let’s talk as soon as I get back to try and organize things :slight_smile:

And if you have time to ask around to see if anyone wants to help out in the kitchen, that would be awesome :smiley:

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I’m sorry to say that the event is cancelled. Because of the situation with the corona virus, Emres had to cancel his tour in Israel.

I’m also affected by the situation, since now I’m in Canada and was planning to come back on March 17 but now my flight is cancelled and Israel is closing its borders to most airlines. Also, if I do manage to come back, it seems I will need to stay in isolation for 2 weeks.

So sorry all… I will remove the event from the calendar, as well as removing the live coding meetups on wednesdays for now, until I know when I’ll be back…

I hope we can do a better show with Sonic Pi when all this situation calms down a bit.
Public health is an important issue.

Stay healthy Mina!

Hi mynah thanks for the update,
stay healthy
I hope you manage to make your way back easily enough