DIY 40% keyboard - PCBs now, build party later


A fun combination of conversations with friends (Leon and Kfir) and too much youtube has lead me to develop a new passion for small and custom mechanical keyboards.

I ordered a set of 5 GNAP 4x4 PCBs. Specifically- there are three small PCBs that get attached together to make the keyboard layout.
The boards are green and were made by JLCPCB.

I have three sets of boards that I’m willing to share (to keep one spare set until after the build). They have been earmarked for (1) Alon Levy (2) User T.E from Telegram and (3) Morgan from Telegram.
User A.S from telegram- I don’t understand if you want to be part of the PCB distribution or only join if there’s a build party? I know (2) is interested in 2x PCB sets. Either way- when I share the boards please donate some cash to TAMI.

If there are more people interested in PCBs- the total cost for the 5 boards with fast shipping. Get together and make another group to buy together- I can talk someone else through the fairly easy process of ordering an already designed set of PCBs from the manufacturer.

Regarding the build- we can discuss keys, microcontroller board, stabilizer and keycaps here. Each person order their parts and we can meet at TAMI to do the build.
I ordered these keys. I need to order some small parts (stabilizer and diodes) but will use keycaps, and an arduino that I have lying around.
Check out the BOM on their git and we can discuss things more in a thread. I’ll see if I can order 5x stabilizers and enough diodes for all the boards.

If we do a build party - each participant should be prepared to make a TAMI donation of at least 100 shekels in addition to the cost of components.

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I ordered a set of 7x 2u stabilizers.
The recipients of the PCBs won’t need to buy this part.

Let me know if you want me to distribute the PCBs already and then you can order the balance of the parts without any concern that the boards will get lost in my home office :slight_smile:

hey frank ! love the project :slight_smile:
i’m also building a mech keyboard right now, a few of them actually (friends request :D).
all low profile (kailh low profile) -

  1. ortho 60% with the arrow keys
  2. split ortho with tracking point
  3. and a macro pad rocking my own firmware (TBA)
    everything is going to be opensource (dah)
    i will share the design very soon.

excited to see what you come up with :smiley:

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may i suggest buying from the manufacture ? (for future buys)
novelkeys deal directly with the Kailh their prices are good and you know you will get genuine keys.

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I received my key switches and stabilizers yesterday.
I still need to source a large number of diodes (47x 1n4148 for each PCB).

I plan hand assemble a back plate, using the three soldered-together PCBs as a stencil before attaching switches, diodes and headers.

An open issue is whether to use headers on the GNAP PCB to the arduino or to make the soldering permanent.

Let me know if there’s interest in doing a build-party or whether you want to put the PCBs in your desk drawer for eternity?