Discourse problems

It the optional tags fields, it says “search or create,” but it didn’t really let me create an additional tag.
RTL paragraph, is that possible? Seems like a must for an Israeli forum site.

I will look into the RTL, and the tag issue, thanks for reporting.

There are bugs, some stuff works.
Here is one reported to Discourse by yours truly:

All users are able to create new tags now.

For RTL paragraphs try this:

<div dir="rtl">this is a test</div>

this is a test

Email reply doesn’t work.

Can you help fixing it? I vould use help.

If I get a working pop3 email account I can set it up.

Another problem: I notice I tend to ignore discourse email messages, here is why:

With all the suffixes and prefixes, I can’t see the actual subject line on mobile.

Is there a way to add a button to insert that <div ...></div>?

Is it a little better now?

A “Toggle direction” was added to Discourse last week, and is now enabled on this forum. Unfortunately, the button does not yet do what you want, due to the way text is currently composed in the Discourse editor; see the discussion here:


ill change the site title to t.a.m.i so it will not take up so much sapce in the title