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עקב ההנחיות החדשות שפורסמו ע"י משרד הבריאות, תאמ’'י תיסגר עד להודעה חדשה.
סליחה על חוסר הנוחות הזמני ואיחולי בריאות לכולם.

Due to the new guidelines published by the health ministry, TAMI will be closed until further notice.
Sorry for the hopefully temporary inconvenience and good health wises to all.

Thanks! Those of you interested in how TAMI will be fighting COVID-19 are welcome to come to an online learning at chat with me. If there is interest we can meet a couple times online. Of the many things I have done already, I helped organize a free opensource database of imaging related to the virus with the University of Montreal. Just one example of what one can do from home…I would be happy to share what I know about the medical printing situation as it unfolds as well. I’m getting new communications almost daily. If there is enough interest we could do an online Zoom at 3:33 on Sunday.