Corona data - daily updated

you can get cases by day here, example of plotting it here


thanks for the share!

Friends created this with data from the Israeli Health Department:


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some more indulgence of my morbid curiosity - on the IL news the other night, deaths per million were shown for Israel, Korea, and somewhere else - conspicuously missing was the US , hence the following

Visualizing the raw data is one way to look at it, but you can miss a few important points. The disease is more morbid in old people, and Spain and Italy have lots of old people compared to the US where life expectancy has actually been falling for years in many demographics. Spain and Italy also have national health systems that keep good data. If an uninsured person dies at home of COVID in the US, no one will record it as a COVID death. Unfortunately, many essential workers most likely to be exposed to the virus in the US are the same people with bad insurance or no insurance (cashiers, hospital transport staff,etc.). Until recently some states in the US had a testing capacity below 100 tests daily. Correcting for all of that would take some sophisticated modeling.


america has been made great, again

Are there any futures to trade on the corona chart?
When is it time to sell, maybe it is a bubble?