Capture serial output

noam came up with this for seeing serial outputs from two usb-connected arduinos

screen /dev/ttyUSB0   #in one terminal
screen /dev/ttyUSB1  #in another

how do I save the output? I tried screen /dev/ttyUSB0 |tee output.txt but don’t see anything written to output.txt

Does screen -L (write a logfile) help? I’ve not got anything handy to test on I’m afraid.

screen has some options for logging. screen is accessing the terminal directly I guess, so not writing to /dev/stdout. anyway man it for how to log. I do not recall.

Remserial or remserial2 which i made.

Connect serial to an telnet port, e.g.

netcat -l 2222 > file.bin

Which is Port 2222 tcp i guess, while udp is unlikely.

Look for remserial2 on github and compile it.

remserial2 has better helpband hex dump view.

Have fun