BizDev meeting summery Aug 18th

Participants: Yonatan Fromm, David, Kfir, Assaf, Shay (remotely), Ronen (remotely.)

Ronen took the notes, but since he was remote, there are probably things he missed, so if you were at the meeting, please fill the blanks.

Movie night will move to Thursdays starting next week. Sunday is generally a busy night at TAMI.

Assaf proposed to let people from the arts and crafts community (if I heard correctly) to know they can hold workshops at TAMI, and give TAMI some of the proceeds.

David suggested before approving people on the fb group, to notify them that TAMI is (also) a physical place. That process can be easily automated, since fb allows an ‘admission’ questionnaire. Shay is on it.

We agreed that we should have digital keys to dangerous equipment, so only people that have gone through safety training will be allowed to use them.

Have a price list for electronic components, aluminum rods, etc. and ask people to pay for them.

I couldn’t hear the rational, so David please fill in this part: David propose that new members will deposit money. @dkostadinov7

Lighting: the lighting in TAMI is shitty; 500 NIS will be spent on 230V compatible LED lighting for the woodworking room and the machining room as a pilot for the rest of TAMI.

Yonatan will put a reminder for membership fees of Facebook.

Intro to TAMI at election day at Noon / Afternoon. Ronen will organize, David will assist.

Trying to extend Guaranteed to be open, we will doodle when is the best time in the weekend, so people will to be part of a pool of “openers” that take turn in opening TAMI.

From now own we should remove links to our google groups, and replace them with links to discourse. Wiki, Facebook, and everywhere else. Alon and Kfir will take discourse to be hosted elsewhere for more reliability.

Member meeting should be schedule for early September.

Assaf will publish the table saw fundraising on Facebook and Discourse, as well as a box near the out of order saw.

לכל מי שמתכוון להגיע לפגישת החברים בתחילת ספטמבר:

אנחנו מפסידים כ- 6000 ש"ח בממוצע כל חודש.

מה שאומר שיש לנו עוד 4 חודשי פעילות לכל היותר.

אם יש לכם רעיון לאיך לשפר את המצב, תתכוננו להציג אותו בפגישה ותכינו תשובות לשאלות אפשריות.

LED light were bought. i’m gonna bring them when i get them