Biofilter rfc ; air permeable and water impermeable

I bike 20km to work and back a few times a week. Mostly in yarkon park and along beach but with stretches in traffic. I’m mulling a filter to clean my breathing air and possibly air in my goggles, mechanical hepa and carbon cartridges in some kind of cylinder with stacking sections , like. So I was considering also a ‘fluidized bed’ aka sand with water+ bacteria and/or algae. To make that work I blv I’ll need a screen that would allow gas thru but prevent water, does such a thing exist? Maybe the surface tension of water will allow one to avoid a mesh with holes smaller than a water molecule but larger than an oxygen molecule

sounds like reverse osmosis ?

cut it up stack 3 layers on top of each other and that should give you clean air in the street
if you wanna go extra crazier try to get a MERV 17-20
add a small fan and some LI-ION batteries will give you enough clean air for your commutes

below a chart for merv ratings

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GE hamster-haters used silicone for underwater chamber of solitude

carbon cloth/paper gas diffusion layers

from wiki on gills: Galen observed that fish had multitudes of openings ( foramina ), big enough to admit gases, but too fine to give passage to water.

This 20 micron sheet may do.

From this datasheet if i have it right the permeability of silicone to air is
Perm = ( vol/time * thickness) / (Area * pressure_diff) = 2700 * 10^-8 cc/s cm / (cm^2 atm)

from which

vol/time = Perm * Area * pressure_diff / thickness = 2.7 * 10^-6 cm^2/( s * atm) * 4^2 cm^2 * 0.1atm / 0.002cm = 0.0021 cc/s

which unfortunately is a few orders of magnitude too low for normal human or , one imagines, gerbil/hamster respiration - so how did the evil GE engineers do it?

I guess oversight was a bit lax at GE during the 60’s, otherwise how did this

ever happen?

It didn’t end there either - it turns out thatunderwater hamster indoctrination is a thing.

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Not so quickly, but wow did that escalate.
Can you get hold of the aqua-hamster article Science News Letter , November 7, 1964?
How long did the hamster stay there? Maybe it didn’t much. I noticed there’s no hamster wheel. Very fishy.

On the other-hand notice the box is not huge but substantially bigger than the hamster, so maybe natural diffusion on the total surface area provides sufficient oxygen pressure. And there’s a tube connecting to the aquarium.
It mentions the application was deliberated for submarines so, similarly a huge surface area and possibly means to pressurize and squeeze out more gas?
Nevertheless, still interesting because of the BMR/lkg of humans is substantially lower than the rodents
(and some misfiring at the mouse to rabbit teleporter).

But in the end of the day I think the evil tech you seek has been lost in Cricetinaentlis, allegedly, they finally dropped the base near the Pachyuromys peninsula.