If anyone wants to help me move the cnc either to biolab or to machine room (where it makes most sense imho) , lets do it . Currently, machine room table is collecting place for random junk (like any flat unoccupied surface in tami)

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no way it goes in the machine room again. it was a huge blocker there for all that were working.

it’s not collecting random just, it’s being sorted slowly by @dkostadinov7
the machine room is much more usable since we took it out.

Seem like a lot of effort if it’s going in a week or two anyway (and esp given that the stairs to biohub are even narrower).
I suggest to wait til its out before it moves, moving it down.

@guyovadia1 just an idea - how about offering the cnc to one of the other hacker/makerspaces ? (in case you think you won’t use it)

We plan to get it operational. If I wouldn’t have, it would probably have been donated.

hey Fromm, i’ll move it down to make it easier for guy to take it out.


I want to take the CNC out of TAMI as agreed, and I’d like to ask for help - ideally 2 more people. I think possible times for me are some time this weekend or early next week. Anyone available?


What do you need? You can easily find 5 people to lift it or take it apart, but not everybody has a utility truck to move heavy machinery.

mostly for carrying it - in 2 parts, probably - down the stairs (assuming someone didn’t already bring it down), into my car and then up to my house (there’s an elevator). No need for 5 people, just 2 extra people, preferably both with some technical skill and who can carry several 10’s of kg. Thinking of it, I need to make sure it fits in my car (without the y-axis carriage).

Message me Guy. Trevor Phillips on Telegram.

this friday we will get it downstairs for you to clear it out ?

It will definitely help. It requires careful disaessembly of the carriage in order to bring it down, i think

i’ll see what can be done.

it is downstairs :slight_smile:

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is there an actual issue board?

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למעט הboard של ה tickets

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