BIG CNC (blocking)

For the past few weeks this subject has been raised again. mainly because it is becoming a blocker for @dkostadinov7 @id3m, @agf998 and myself, for working and making the upstairs usable (building lights tables etc)
i want to solve this for good, this saga has been going on for a along time.
this has become a pain point for me and several members that have expressed their frustrations on multiple channels.

@guyovadia1 please give us a date that we can meet together all of us, and reach a conclusion, about this on going issue.


We can perhaps next week some evening. anyway, worst case - I’m moving to a new apartment in the next 60 days at most (likely earlier) and it should be bigger. I’ll be able to bring the CNC to my place then, at least until it is in working order.

Asaf, any progress on the cable-making?

אני עובד על הכבלים בסופי שבוע, אבל יש הרבה מהם וקשה לי להספיק לעבוד עליהם במקביל לכל הסדנאות והלימודים. אם יש מישהו שרוצה לעזור, אני אשמח

Thank you guy :slight_smile:
in the mine-while we will move it to the bio area as it seems to have less traffic atm, so we can continue working.