Bicycle trailer

I’m planning on building a bicycle trailer at TAMI for the TAMI community.

I’ve brought about 5m of 30mm square tubing to the welding area and will get more as needed. I’m envisioning a simple modular ladder frame. The basic trailer should be big enough to transport scavenged bicycles and pallets. Sides and additional floor space can be added as needed - for when one needs to move a couch or bed, or a body :wink:

Any design input and collaboration would be welcome. I would like to discuss dimensions, construction braking system , uses, storage, lights and reflectors, TAMI branding, etc.

My immediate challenges are getting wheels cheaply or preferably for free and the hitch, where the trailer attaches to the bike.

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I’m thinking that the only way to make it compatible with the current space constraints at TAMI would be to go for some sort of a folding design, but designing removable wheels would be a challenge… If possible don’t build any breaking system and rely on whatever would be pulling it instead. LEDs, many of course for branding.

ps. not sure exactly which type of tubing you got but thin walls are prone to melt during welding so go low on amps and a high on travel speed.

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