Bank status - automatically generated

balance from 2019-12-03: 26537.49

expense value_date description
9 2019-11-01 nan
9 2019-11-01 nan
15 2019-11-03 credit card
7020 2019-11-10 rent
84.6 2019-12-01 nan
9 2019-12-01 nan

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Repository producing this:


So what will be our status tomorrow?

you can see below, not much changed.

may i ask to add it against our expenses ?
so we’ll know what to expect.

Not sure what you are asking for. Do you want me to project to the next expense dates (i.e. right after rent, etc.)

i’m thinking, this is where ppl will check most often about TAMI current status.
might be a good place to give them some kind of break down of our expenses with our current Bank status.
just so that they be aware that it goes to paying the bills and not just disappearing to something else.

@alon shouldn’t it update every month ? what’s up ?

It was only half automated and I keep forgetting to update it. I will do one next week.

seems the finance overview updater is down?.. also it was very confusing to be honest… how about we use something like google sheets? to show how much money we have on the bank account, how much monthly expenses and as a result how much savings.
And for cash donations - maybe something like this?

I need to fix the problem preventing it from running daily (minor, but I’m always lacking time).

Second, I can make an excel / csv available, that’s actually an interim step anyway (you can look at the source always for what is creating this update btw, it’s at

I can add the excel to the update easily. Putting it on google docs means I need to learn a little bit more, that I’m not sure how to.

If you like we could meet some point next week and do it together at TAMI - moving it to Google Sheets?

I do not have time to go to TAMI like that. If you are offering help I can gladly help you setup a run of the code your computer and you can continue from there. I don’t need help in that sense - I just need the time to write it, and I don’t have it.