Arnona round 3 - focus group for artists and makers of Tel Aviv


Brief update: our recent post on facebook regarding the arnona issue (Your annual S.O.S) got the attention of someone that works with the municipality engineering dept.
She said they’d like to help us. This is actually her job - to conserve the cohesion of communities.
She will come to visit on Sunday

Attached is all the correspondences after the initial rejection of mosad mitnadev from the iriya (2019-06) followed by the plea to mirad hapnim (2019-08)

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i will ask her. invited her to this forum too

I welcome @hamecarer to our thread.
We have a contact in the irya that might be relavent to you too.

When are you meeting with your fellow artist next week ?

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Post Foreclusure עיקול update: Your annual S.O.S

שווה לשקול להגיש בקשה לפי חוק חופש המידע לרשימת הגופים שהוכרו כ’מוסדות מתנדב’ לפי עיריית תל אביב ב7 השנים האחרונות


עדיף להיעזר בסדנא לידע ציבור בשביל זה.

כלומר בבני דאון.

רעיונות טובים, אם הכוונה לגרום להם להזיע קצת (אני לא נגד אבל קשה לי לצפות מה התמורה).
מבחינת זמינות הנתונים, לועדה שהחליטה עלינו לפחות יש לנו שקיפות.
במכת הדחייה שקיבלנו מהעיריה הם מתייחסים ל"ועדת הכספים 9/19" .

בשורה של פרוטוקול ועדת הכספים 19-9 במסמך המלא עם כל הנספחים מעמוד 137
זה גם שמור לנו בדרייב

אולי כדאי להפנות את הבקשה לבקשת מידע גם למשרד הפנים

בעקבות הSOS שהוצאנו (Your annual S.O.S ) רבים הציעו לעזור בדרכים יצירתיות.
בפרט בנושא המאבק שלנו להשגת הכרה כמוסד מ תנדב בארנונה, ריכזנו את כל המידע הרלוונטי. תרגישו חופשי להפיץ ולתת משוב (פה, לא בקובץ כי הוא צריך להשאר נקי)

Following our SOS( Your annual S.O.S ) , a lot of people have been asking if they can help TAMI in creative ways :heart:
In many of these cases, information about TAMI is required to forward to someone who doesn’t know TAMI.
Specifically regarding our struggle to get recognition from the Arnona for Mosad Mitnadev we collated all the information - feel free to use it and distribute, and feedback is more than welcome!
P.S. Most of the information is in Hebrew - if you can contribute translation , please do!

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אתה על זה ?

hmm. No, entirely not. I can call you later after I’m back home, say 8 pm?

It was directed to @_AS

Work for the city? Leading communities? Socially involved? The Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality would like to thank you for a special evening dedicated to activism and engagement!
In the program: Lectures, workshops, meetings with city officials at eye level and most importantly - connections of active residents from all over the city! All content will take place at the Bialik Square complex: the City Hall, the Bialik House, the Lovling House - the White City Center and the LGBT temporary center building.

מתי? 13.11.2019, 19:30 - 22:00
איפה? בית העיר ביאליק 24, תל אביב - יפו


בתכנית: הרצאות, סדנאות, מפגשים עם בכירי עירייה בגובה העיניים והכי חשוב – חיבורים של תושבים אקטיביים מכל העיר! כל התכנים יתרחשו במתחם כיכר ביאליק: בית העיר, בית ביאליק, בית ליבלינג- מרכז העיר הלבנה ובמבנה המרכז הזמני הגאה.

אני מגיע לזה.

Think we can hold on this until we get an answer from misrad hapnim, focus on other tasks for now

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Some updates are due :

  1. Meeting with Municipality Consultant from Eng. Dept. following the SOS.
  2. Phone call with Arnona official , through another official in TA Muni that went to inquire for TAMI on our behalf , also following the SOS.

Meeting summary with municipality consultant.
Present: Kfir, Jonathan, Consultant

Intro: consultant works with TA Muni Engineering Dept on conservation of communities that strengthen the urban fabric, saw our SOS and decided to help.

~“TAMI is the sort of urban community the dept. consultant works with would like to see existing”~
Meeting was part interviewing & getting to know TAMI as part of a larger scale research on such communities ,part brainstorming with tips to consider.
All the information TAMI provided was passed on (Arnona round 3 - focus group for artists and makers of Tel Aviv) to Engineering dept.

It would seem that despite a lot of other depts. with good will in the municipality, the Arnona dept, as the Muni’s primary “bread-bringer” has a near-god status.
Impression we got is that TAMI got under the consultant’s skin .

Here are notes and tips from the brainstorm:

  1. Arnona route quite likely maxed-out. Time to starting looking into non-arnona routes, or atvl non-TelAviv-arnona routes.
  2. In Tel Aviv there are many abandoned locations, some are available for grabs.
  3. Official routes for grabbing them are usually slow but they can very well work.
  4. If understood correctly, the body behind this official route is this:
  5. FOMO: leverage previous offers to move out of Tel Aviv (e.g.
  6. Grants from other places in the municipality
  7. other directions to check:
    9.1. Innovation authority
    9.2 Israeli Institute for innovation
    9.3. sharing economy, complementary economy, circular economy
    9.4. Global City Ir Olam
    9.5. Heinriech Bell foundation
    9.6. Gandir Foundation
    9.7. Shahaf foundation
    9.8. City Resilienceכלים-לפיתוח-חוסן-עירוני/

Call summary with Arnona official
TLDR: Arnona direction is probably not worth our time (at least not in the city of Tel Aviv).
Tagline(s): We gotta tool up & we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them).

  1. Arnona official “knows our case very well” .
    He quoted facts that were at best inaccurate, many were no longer relevant or irrelevant, such as a: “dorms in the gallery” " we’re 182sqm" (now 201sqm), that “there’s an airplane hanging in the hall” , “an MD Dr in the Amuta”, and primarily that we’re “closed to the Makers community”, which “represents a very small fraction (פרומיל) of the people in the city in percentage”.
    I tried to explain we’re open to everyone, marketing this is a work in progress.
    ~“Just because I claim to open my house and claim to allow anyone make an omelet in it, does not mean that’s actually what happens~”
    Didn’t feel it was the right setting to tell him about my vegan tendencies or to ask about his proposed system for shakshouka.

  2. Generally it felt I was cornered into arguing about the details when in fact the official sees “the big picture” through softer arbitrary criteria that do not appear in the official criteria.

  3. The official already “did us a favour” in reducing from 385NIS/sqm/yr (Businesses Arnona) to 167NIS/sqm/yr for workshops.

  4. He will not argue if legally we’re entitled to מוסד מתנדב Volunteering Organization status (following the result of our plea -see section B.4.,

  5. HOWEVER he said that it will only save us an additional ~8000NIS per year (167 - 385 / 3 ) nis/sqm/yr * 201sqm and stated that "it will not be worth it economically because the new volunteering status will remove the require lots of licensing " (such as insurance [which we’re looking into anyway Draft insurance policy for review], accessibility, building code, fire safety etc) which will cost TAMI a lot more.
    So yes it sounded like it was given as a warning and a threat that they will not let us pass so easily even if we win the Mosad Mitnadev, rather than seen as opportunity to extend our community outreach because he decided that we always have been and decided to remain a closed club.

  6. Questions I was grilled for: how many people arrive to TAMI, what’s the portion of people who come to TAMI who are not makers, where did we advertise TAMI.
    I wasn’t exactly given a chance to answer them.

  7. Continued conversation from the non-Arnona muni official: was happy to conclude that other directions worth pursuing are particularly those for income rather than reducing costs.
    Was not particularly pleased to hear about the non-arnona routes.

  8. Meanwhile in TAMI:

    Details coming soon (on the wiki!)

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The conversation with Kfir is encouraging, did he give any examples of what they are able to do with other communities? I would love to send him and email and try and understand what kind of projects we can do together and start a discussion about it

Regarding the Arnona, It is disappointing and with that in mind I think we should steer clear of the dept. especially considering that dealing with licensing issues is a possible death sentence, way more dangerous than running out of money.

IMO we should resolve the Arnona topic as is and turn our attention to positive fights that give us energy and inspiration to create and make TAMI even more epic!

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There was an example of a non-profit called BINA that got a building not far from TAMI. near the botanical gardens. Heschel center used to share the space with them but they expanded

take into account that getting such locations through official means is a very slow process.
the above sentence ( cough cough) is begging for some dimensional analysis / S.I.T.

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hey :slight_smile: i’m just one of the members, not the Consultant.

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let’s join the flying jam monster church, and maybe they will take us seriously.

Update: incoming communication from Mosad Mitnadev !
Arrived from Ministry of Interior, they got our plea on the 18th of July 2019 and expect an answer within 10days :rofl:

Getting ready to answer.