Another round of LEDS

hey i want to spend another 240 nis (from our paypal) to buy some more LEDs for the main hall this time.
it seems that the last round was really good (see machine room, upstairs and wood room) except for one LED that is faulty (but under warranty, and is fixable).

i’ll wait for 24 hours before spending the moniz as there is a workshop (by asaf) soon and i wish to fix lights for it before it starts.

Thanks :smiley:

ive got a whole shload of 24v reels if thats usefuls

Surly Yes dude

I’ll call you l8r

Best regards

tof, i have not seen immediate push back, so i’m ordering it.

@jeremy_rutman the LED i’m ordering are 220v which makes them an breeze when it comes to installing at the space. thanks though.

the LEDs arrived. they suck. not as advertised. contacted the supplier and getting the money back.
for the workshop tmr i’ll find another solution

Edit: will update when i get the money back

i got the money back.