Agenda for next meeting. Monday 4th of March

Hey everyone. We need to track the progress:

  • how are workshops coming along?
  • how much money do we have in the account, when will it hit zero
  • mosad itnadev

And anything else, please write below.
The meeting will be this Monday, the 4nd of March, from 7 PM to 9 PM.
Two hours to report and get help. Lets have a focused agenda.
@daonb @dkostadinov7 @yair99 @rshouker @shayg @Uri @Avi and anyone else. (semi random name tagging).

Workshops: I think I now know about all of them (Motty and Asaf). Anything else. I want to organize one on python. There is a separate thread. Are we missing a workshop?
I won’t be able to attend at Monday (It’s DND night + I have a course between 16:00 and 19:00).

I want to do a nand2tetris course. it will be a trial run, I never did it before. based on this:

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There is a leather workshop by Arie, on 11.3

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@rshouker: I don’t see it on the calendar.

The workshop team is not functioning well yet…

Nope. Oh and @dkostadinov7 might have an update on the Purim customs workshop in Monday.
I think it might be a good idea to get TAMI a wekan instance.

followin ronen’s tongue in cheek comment: do you need access to the google calendar?

@alon, if you’re indeed planning to instruct that course, please expand more than the book on the nand part; the book imho jumps to hdl to fast, without giving the readers exercises in “manual” logic circuit design; this is at least my recollection from browsing the book.

@rshouker already gave me access. Thanks

wrt python (I think you asked about it in another thread). I have sufficient knowledge to run a workshop.

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Then we’ll talk ob telegram.