About the Machine shop category

A category to house all the topics pertaining to the machine shop

used for sharing projects the machines were used in, safety and instructional info on the machines , maintenance and to-do’s, inventory and stock management .

pleas tag your posts using one or more of the following tags:

  • Lathe:
    if your topic involves the lathe (in conjugation with -project/-safety/-instructional/-maintenance/-attachments etc).
  • Mill:
    if your topic involves the mill(in conjugation with -project/-safety/-instructional/-maintenance/-attachments etc).
  • Project:
    if your topic details some thing you made/make/plan to make using or for the machine shop(in conjugation with -Mill/-Lathe/-instructional/-maintenance/-attachments etc).
  • safety:
    if your topic provides safety info on the machines. be it instructions or warnings about new hazards(in conjugation with -Mill/-Lathe/-instructional/-maintenance etc).
  • Instructional :
    if your topic provides instructions of how to operate the machines to get specific results, WIP details, project plans and the like(in conjugation with -Mill/-Lathe/-project/-maintenance/-attachments etc).
  • attachments:
    if your topic involves the the use of any of the attachments and accessorizes(dividing table/head…) or creation of new ones(mini pallet, vise hold-downs…)(in conjugation with all other appropriate tags) .
  • WIP:
    for topics detailing Works In Progress (in conjugation with all other appropriate tags).