36th Chaos Communication Congress

It’s now official, 36C3 is happening again in Leipzig, same dates as last year, 27-30.12


The Call for Participation is out for anyone who wants to propose a talk (a great way to have your travel expenses covered if you so need)


This is time to think about what we want to bring to the CCC, either individually or as a group. Once assembly registration opens I’ll make sure we have a nice spot to sit at a table, but it’s up to us to make it interesting.

As usual, we will have a ticket voucher making the rounds for us to get in on the ticket pre-sale, will update once that happens.

This would also be a good time to start taking care of flights / hotels. If anyone needs any recommendations I’d be happy to help.

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Hey Yuval,

Woohoo! I’d like the voucher when it becomes available. I am coming with my spouse, toddler (not paying? 1.25 years old), mother, sister in law and niece (8 yo, so I assume she pays).

Suggestions for places to stay - yes please. Links to the wiki accepted also :slight_smile: I think I’d rather take an apartment (hopefully cheaper), don’t mind if it’s far, last time (last year) the far was 30 minutes tram ride, which is fine.


IIRC, all children under 12 are exempt from tickets.

As for accommodation there’s some info from last year at

The hotels near the Messe aren’t that good (and are usually fully booked anyway).

There’s no problem staying in the city and taking the (free, with ticket) tram. I usually pick one of the hotels near the Hauptbahnhof, don’t know about apartments unfortunately.

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This is awesome!@ i would love a table to showcase some electronical mischief :smiley:

For your specifically I would ask a table for your things that is near the hardware hacking area where all the other hardware is being sold.

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perfect. much appreciate!

Does tami get vouchers?
I would like to get a ticket if tami comes to israel and help tami with logistics.


We have received vouchers for the presale starting on October 21st

There should be plenty of vouchers to go around, so please think not only of TAMI members that should receive them, but also for others who we believe should be closer to the CCC community and events.

Please consider how we can outreach to more diverse crowds, from any perspective you think is relevant.

I’ll send out the voucher codes personally to those who have already expressed interest, and we’ll get the list rolling from there.

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Hi, great!
I would like to get a voucher!



yayyyyy ! :smiley: i have a few friend that might be interested. i’ll ask.

I’ll be there, and I think I’m already sorted for a voucher.
Can’t wait!

I want some

a little bit of history on the Chaos Computer Club, which spawned the congress.
here is a clip from the first one, 1984.

images from a previous tami assembly, we made a 100 attami boards .
there are 6000 people around but photography is not so cool.

and my favorite talk from the archives

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yair are you joining this time?


temp organization etherpad

not sure if they cover travel, i didn’t push
when we gave the talk we got a free ticket which is cool, and the talk was crzy
yuval was our “ccc angel

Nice video :slight_smile: