36th Chaos Communication Congress

Hi, great!
I would like to get a voucher!



yayyyyy ! :smiley: i have a few friend that might be interested. i’ll ask.

I’ll be there, and I think I’m already sorted for a voucher.
Can’t wait!

I want some

a little bit of history on the Chaos Computer Club, which spawned the congress.
here is a clip from the first one, 1984.

images from a previous tami assembly, we made a 100 attami boards .
there are 6000 people around but photography is not so cool.

and my favorite talk from the archives

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yair are you joining this time?


temp organization etherpad

not sure if they cover travel, i didn’t push
when we gave the talk we got a free ticket which is cool, and the talk was crzy
yuval was our “ccc angel

Nice video :slight_smile:

Seems the pre-sale has ended and the replicating vouchers are no longer valid -

From the ticket site:

The voucher phase of the presale is over. Only angel voucher can be redeemed at this time, and all replication has stopped. You’ll be able to buy tickets during our open presale dates:

8. November 2019 12:00 CET
10. November 2019 17:00 CET
21. November 2019 21:00 CET

Does the tami have a replucating voucher?
I (ludwig) got a non replicating voucher from a friend who held a lecture.
When tami wanrs to build up something, I can help in Leipzig and bring stuff from german shops if you need so logistics can be easier
On Shabat I am not at the conference.



Btw etherpad does not work.

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I think the voucher phase is over. Next is the F5-party of the general ticket sale.

Presale tickets:
Download the open source ticket sales system and try to write a script in python to buy tickets.
I am sure you can only write a helper that does some clicks for you but then you must take over the browsing session (cookis. Url, user agent!) from your scripts or have the scripts implementing a kind of proxy that does the first clicks automatically, this saves you time to read stuff and to decide where to click.
Use a vlan switch in monitor mode (openwrt router e.g. tl wr1043) to record the traffic usin tcpdump or wireshark on an extra machine just for.sniffing!
So you can learn to improve your approach in order to get a ticket in the second round, if you did not get one!
You are fighting against it sec geeks who want to get a ticket, remember this.

The ccc uses a picture with letters/numbers to be recognized.
Have a really big internet connection. Go to a datacenter or university computing facility to have a chance to buy something.
It takes about 3 minutes for the tickets to be sold out.

It is hard.



you can always volunteer and get a ticket :open_mouth:

This sucks, not sure why the CCC plays along with this type of BS…

Allow people to register for a ticket lottery, bind each participation token to a 1 euro credit card transaction, why have everyone play the speed-click-contest?

If.you get in(needs ticket) then you can be an engel מלד and then only if you served enough you get a voucher for the next congress



Every “company” raises prices and reduces service if they have enough customers

I was pissed 2 years ago about the policy and I vowed to do a congress like event in Israel
Find a cheap place. E.G ask the university of ariel or something in Negev to provide the location.
Only electricity very good internet and a big hall is needed.
The Eidelstaedter Buergerhaus in Hamburg was a small location like the bet ha am in any small city.
So one can start from a small scale.
Ask the army to provide a location. There is.a big lecture hall by idf near herzelia if I remember correctly.

Find people who want to give lectures and a time when flights are cheap (e.g. go to eilat and do it in the winter) what about the now closed? Ovda airport? Maybe the containers are still thete to hold the temporary terminal? So they could be used.

Go scouting and find a format to.do a israeli computers.conference. I will try to help as much as I can, as I am REALLY pissed about the arogant behaviour of the ccc.congress organizators.

Come on it is a trade.fair, they have more space and in the worst case go to hannover and replace.the cebit with ccc.conference which lasts a week then.
It is scaleable there is plenty of trade fair cities in germany each combating against the other for events.

Israel hacker convention would be really nice!



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Regular ticket sale (first round) opens today at 13:00 local time -

Wiki seems to be open and some content is available -

I’ve filled out an assembly request for us, same as last year -

If we have any special requests please let me know so I can update