23.09 Biolab meeting summary+ insights from Biocurious Hackerspace

Attended: Itai , Eshy, Yair , Yonatan

Action items:

  1. Biolab & bio projects , every Monday 20:00 - 22:00, led by Itai & assistance by Eshay (New Guaranteed to be Open session - added to calendar).

  2. Constructing a DIY microfluidics device to regulate flow to microfluidic chips as a 1st project, as an anchor for the general activity.

  3. Organizing and sorting the lab facilities in parallel.

  4. Refurbishing and hooking up the microscope with a camera, perhaps remote controlled.
    This will facilitate activities such as demonstrations, workshops, Bring Your Own Jiffa parties

  5. Eshy to provide methodology.

  6. Yair can provide camera

  7. Itai will organize an online public talk/interaction with his friend(s) from Biocurious.

  8. Ideas for larger projects that require funding will be brought forward to Eshay / Keren

Other projects and ideas discussed:

  1. GM Yeast to produce dairy proteins, cows, whales, humans
  2. Glow in the dark plants - can change our urban environment
  3. Candy (Yair)
  4. “Spark of life” - Miller Urey experiment
  5. Chromatograhy
  6. Chemistry experiments

Some bizdev / marketing insights from Biocurious:

  1. Having a long term project to anchor activities really helps (consider for other stations in TAMI)
  2. The majority of their audience are not biologists… Some prominent biologists of course provide support.
  3. Several biology domains are multidisciplinary and overlap with other maker activities e.g. 3D printing, electronics - this is key to getting additional people involved.
  4. Moved facilities several times, playing the rent game.
  5. A divide was formed in the group due to startup activity, initiated by a crowdfunding campaign on kickstarter.
  6. Participation in other competitions, e.g. igem.org
  7. Biocurious marketed very well