2019-03-24 Meetup summary

Been there: Shay G, Alon (part of the time), Yair, Ronen, Yonathan, David, Motti. Maybe I missed someone.

**If you poses the following skills please contact immediately: (1) Video editing, (2) Graphic designer, (3) Brand designer ** Volunteers only.

Action Items

  1. Mosad Mistnadev: I didn’t hear everything. What’s our status?
  2. We owe 6,000 to the Arnona lawyer. Currently he’s OK with it.
  3. We need to prepare a short video for the Angel investors: We need to find someone who want to talk on video about “what is TAMi for me” and “How TAMI changed my life”.
  4. We need a presentation for the Angel investors. There’re a lot of photos but we need to ask people before using their picture.
  5. Ronen’s Intro to TAMI (4.4.19): A new cover photo is required for the event and pics of stuff made in TAMI. Preferably at least one for every crowd type (LARPers, Wood working, FOSS and so on).
  6. Share Asaf and Motti workshop where ever you can.

Other stuff:

  1. To make the future easier: A digital visitor book is required. Would help with documentation of people who built something in TAMI (for future angels and Mosad Mitnadev). Aria already did some of the job.
  2. I want to create a beginner to Linux workshop (like the one I did in 2017 - 8 people came). Yair want to create a workshop about advanced tricks in the CLI. Why not both? Anyone who thinks he knows what should be a part of a basic linux course - talk to me.
  3. A pizza with olives was ordered.

Intro to TAMI is on 4.4 only.

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Intro to TAMI is 4.4 only

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